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Cashmere is one of the finest fabrics nature has to offer, and its softness is unlike any other.

Cashmere can be worn in any climate and season, due to its great insulation properties. This adaptability is due to its origins – the Kashmir goat – and their natural habitat in the cold mountain air.

Each spring, as the goats shed their winter attire, the wool of their undercoat is de-haired and processed, resulting in this exclusive material.

We take great pride in working with this exclusive fiber, and we hope you will love it as much as we do!


Our designs are made to be worn, yet we urge you to take good care of them through a few, simple guidelines.

– Think before you wash. Apart from its stylish appearance, our fabric of choice, the cashmere wool, has the added benefit of being self-cleansing (for the most part), which is why you can easily leave it to air-dry instead of washing it.

However: cashmere is a very forgiving fibre, which will in fact soften over time and with each wash. Therefore, if you do decide to wash, make sure to do it carefully by hand or at a low temperature (30c) and with the right detergent.

– Lay flat to dry, and be patient – if you use a dryer, this will ruin the delicate fibres, and what a shame that would be!

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