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The Story Behind

HECTOR + HAVANA is an elegant fusion of balanced Scandinavian design sensibilities and the soft aesthetics of Southern France. The result is an exclusive collection of the finest cashmere styles, carefully crafted with love for our little ones.

Simplicity is key. Our color palette is a trusted selection of earthy tones, but our signature lies in the details: in our understated yet bold use of the classic liberty print as an added touch of elegance to the soft and classical cashmere styles.

Our collections are created from hard-earned experience: as a mother, I understand that only the best is good enough for the delicate skin of our children, and I know how satisfying it feels to wrap them in soft materials that can keep them warm and comfortable.

This is the unique feeling we seek to bring forward in our styles – and the reason we work exclusively with cashmere. Cashmere has the perfect ability to regulate temperature at all times, and the feel of it is as soft and fuzzy as the skin of a newborn – a truly magical sensation.

Say yes to new adventures

and trust that we will keep your little ones
comfy and stylish along the way.

Design Philosophy

Anne Christine is minimalist Scandinavian by heart, with a love for the colors found in the south of France. Hazy light, golden fields and dusty olive trees lay an earthy foundation for the delicate universe, and each style is made unique by adding playful little details of liberty print.

For each season, new prints are handpicked in order to match contemporary taste, but with an eye for creating unique styles that will remain classics. In this aesthetic universe, the liberty print is a detail that adds character to the classic cashmere look without dominating it, allowing a minimalistic approach to the designs, without compromising their elegance.

Cashmere with a Conscious

At Hector + Havana, we take pride in knowing the origins of our creations, and we work to maintain a personal and upfront relationship with each of our suppliers. Each step – from idea to finished product – is a conscious consideration of best practice solutions, and we strive to achieve complete transparency in every stage of the process.

We encourage our customers to care for their garments, passing on the HECTOR + HAVANA legacy by making conscious and informed decisions.

Much Love,

Anne Christine Wantzin

Owner & Creative Director



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